The Night Sky

In 2017 I found that photographing the night sky was not only enjoyable, but a passion. To see our galaxy in it's full beauty, reflected in my images, leaves me breathless.


The lights, the people, the shapes. Our cities are so beautiful that I find that I can't do them justice in my photos, but I have to try.


With all the hustle and bustle of real life, getting out into the wilderness is my way of relaxing. Quite, calm, beautiful, perfect.


Photographing waterfalls was what started my passion in photography. Learning how to slow down the water and creating a scene you don't see with your eyes, began my journey.


Big or small, the shapes, colors and designs of buildings are magnificent. I can't help but capture their beauty when I see one that stands out.

Sunrise / Sunset

Color, color, color! I don't think anything creates such a beautiful array of colors, like a sunrise or sunset.


A view into the tiny world around us. Bugs, flowers and other things that we see, but don't really see.


A collection of some of my favorite shots, that didn't have a place in one of the other categories.